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5,250baht / 15 lessons (350baht / lesson)
9,600baht / 30 lessons (320baht / lesson)
17,400baht / 60 lessons (290baht / lesson)
24,300baht / 90 lessons (270baht / lesson)

Week day open 9am - 9pm  Saturday open 9am - 15pm 

One-on-one lessons run seven days a week
on the school.And We can also be arranged to take place at the home or office.
We are able to arrange at your convenience.

Our language school offer reasonable tuition for students attend Thai.
Thai private lesson can be attended by 270 bahts a lesson for 90 lessons.
Group lesson also offer the price reasonable, and a lesson tuition is 90 baht.

You take lesson with friend , it becomes further 20% discount from the tuition of a private lesson. Let’s start Thai language lesson in Thailand.

If you can not decide to start Thai language lesson in this period,
Please feel free to contact us, and ask any question.

We offer many types of private lesson for students. For the student who would like to take trial, we offer private lesson from 1 lesson.
And the student who would like to learn Thai language many hours, many lessons, we offer 90 lessons as special price.

In addition, you could change your schedule along with your plan.
The student who often need to change schedule can change it at ease.
(Please contact us by 17 o'clock of the day before at the schedule change. )

■Feature of Thai language private lesson

Private lesson is a class of 1 student and 1 teacher.
And you can learn Thai language along with your purpose.
A lesson is 45 minutes, and all native Thai teacher can speak English or your mother tongue.
Moreover, same teacher take care your lessons, and the teacher can find your weak point in Thai language.
For the person who prefer take short-term Thai language lesson ,need to change schedule often , we recommend a private lesson.

Please read our teaching method (click here)
Shared by 2 persons

4,200baht / 15 lessons (280naht / lesson)
7,500baht / 30 lessons (250baht / lesson)
13,800baht / 60 lessons (230baht / lesson)
18,900baht / 90 lessons (210baht / lesson)

※Tuiton for a person

This lesson more reasonable tuiton than private thai langauge lesson and more flexible than group thai language lesson.


・Tuition 5,400baht / 60 lessns

Am 10:00 - Noon or Pm 13:00 - Pm 15:00 (Monday to Friday)

Each course runs for a month,
students are arranged around 5 - 8 people
and study five days a week (Monday to Friday).
General conversation classes run for three lessons a day,

Level 1 to level 4,focusing on the listening and speaking  skills (Using phonetic alphabet)

Level 5 to level 8, focusing on the 4 skills  (listening, speaking, reading and writing)


Thai language school  |  TLS-group

14fl,. Times Square Building 246 Sukhumvit Rd., Between Soi 12-14 Khlongtoey, Bangkok 10110 Thailand
TEL 0-2653-1891  FAX 0-2653-0650  E-mail info@thailanguage-school.com

We are located at 14th Floor of TIMES SQUARE Building, Only 1 min walk from BTS (sky train) Asoke Station No.2 Gate and only 2 min walk from MRT Sukhumvit subway station No.3 Gate.