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This is the reason why students choose our school

Original textbook
We use Thai language original textbook for Thai lessons.
We do the research repeatedly about textbook which the student can use easily.
There are 8 levels in our textbook. From level 1 to level 4, we use phonetic alphabet.
The student learns Thai language conversation speaking and listening selectively.
following level 5 and level 6, the student learns Thai letters.
And then, the student learn speaking, listening, writing in level 7 level 8 
Please check more details about our textbook

Native teacher
A Thai native teacher teaches plainly and politely in English, Japanese etc.
Moreover, we have a teacher who teach you Thai only use Thai language, you could choice along with your purpose.

Direcet access to BTS, so you are not wet even if it rains

Our school located very convenience place connected BTS and near MRT.
Road in Bangkok often has traffic jam, but if you use MRT or BTS you will not caught in a traffic jam.

The tuition fee should be clearly stated
We offer stated tuition fee, after you pay tuition fee. We will not ask you more extra fee.
The school which does not write tuition fee clearly, you should be careful.
When you take private lesson, we have special promotion. Usually, 1 lesson is 400baht, but

 15 lessons → 1 lesson 350 baht
 30 lessons → 1 lesson 320 baht
 60 lessons → 1 lesson 290 baht
 90 lessons → 1 lesson 270 baht

If you take many lessons, the price also much reasonable price
And you could change your schedule if you call our school before 17:00 pm the day before lesson.

Accreditation school from Ministry of Education of Thailand, ED visa

Our school is a Thai school of the Ministry of Education approval.
The ED visa is issued to everybody of the student who takes the visa,
long term stays, and learn Thai language.
The tuition is 23,000 baht / 210 lessons (group Thai language lesson)
industry all-time low in a Thai course of one year.
Moreover, the Thai visa private lesson course offer from 48,600 bahts/180 lessons for 1 year study.

Please contact us more for detail.

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14fl,. Times Square Building 246 Sukhumvit Rd., Between Soi 12-14 Khlongtoey, Bangkok 10110 Thailand
TEL 0-2653-1891  FAX 0-2653-0650  E-mail

We are located at 14th Floor of TIMES SQUARE Building, Only 1 min walk from BTS (sky train) Asoke Station No.2 Gate and only 2 min walk from MRT Sukhumvit subway station No.3 Gate.
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