We have eight levels from basic to advance

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We have eight levels from basic to advance

Level1~Level4 Using phonetic alphabet

Level5~Level8 Using Thai letters

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Level 1 (Introductory level)
For beginners, Master pronunciation, basic vocabulary and daily conversation
 (Using phonetic alphabet)

Level 2 (Elementary level)
Focus on speaking in situations for daily conversation
 (Using phonetic alphabet)

Level 3 (Intermediate level)
Focus on reading.master grammar through short stories.
 (Using phonetic alphabet)

Level 4 (Upper Intermediate level)
Improve reading skills through articles from a broad range of topices
(Using phonetic alphabet)

Level 5 (Intermediate level)
Introductory learning of all Thai letters(Part1)
Focus on writing in Thai. Conversation practice

Level 6 (Intermediate level)
Introductory learning of all Thai letters(Part2)
Focus on writing in Thai.Conversation practice

Level 7 (Upper Intermediate level)
Practice and improve reading, writing, speaking, and Listening skills through short stories in Thai letters

Level 8 (Advanced level)
Practice and improve reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills through articles from common Thai topics in Thai letters.

■Thai language has 5 tones LOW,MID,RISING,HIGH,and FALLING.
ใหม่ mai (new)
ไม้ mai (wood)
ไม่ mai (no) 
ไหม้ mai  (burn)
ไหม mai (isn’t it?)

These words pronunciation is MAI but there are 5 means in Thai language.
The words are different spell and different pronunciation.
When learning Thai language, we would like to care about Thai pronunciation at first. Because  pronunciation is most important for learning Thai language. And you learn Thai pronunciation very hard, your Thai language skill improve more faster.
For learning Thai language ,you will make the base well with our textbook. And good base makes you learn Thai more easily. We have considered to make good textbook for student. 
The five tones are:

① THE MID TONE – เสียงสามัญ(First tone)

thai language pronunciation.gifFirst tone is a flat tone of voice without any inflection like used in English for ordinary conversation.
ปลา  pla    (means  fish )
ปู     puu  (means  crap)
ดำ   dam  (means black)

② THE LOW TONE – เสียงเอก(Second tone)

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Second tone is a level tone with no inflection.lower in pitch than common tone.
ใหม่  mai     (Means New)
ไข่    khai  (means Egg)
ใหญ่  yai     (means Big)

③ THE FALLING TONE – เสียงโท(Third tone)

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Third tone is an emphatic tone with a falling inflection.
Same pronunciation tone with “come here”
เพื่อน  phwwan  (means Friend)
ข้าว    khaaw  (means Rice)

④ THE HIGH TONE – เสียงตรี(Fourth tone)

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Fourth tone is a uniform tone , normal voice .
Similar to the tone used in English to denote alarm.
ม้า  maa (means Horse)
น้ำ  nam (means Water)

⑤ THE RISING TONE – เสียงจัตวา (Fifth tone)

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Fifth tone is a rising inflection.
The tone used in English to denote surprise or a question.
 Same pronunciation tone with “Are you from Thai?”
สวย  suay  (means Beautiful)
ขาว  khaaw (means White)

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